ShaktiCura Healing Lounge is committed to showcasing a diverse and talented group of healers from the Bay Area. We have a rotating group of healers, so please expect a unique offering each time!

Check out our upcoming Shakticura Healing Crew at:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MnHOp7TT5uwc7VsewddqfCKTAxzstk8BTnZUkQP0r2I/edit?usp=sharing

On-going Healers involved:

Anjuli Mahendra, LMT
Integrated Structural/Thai/Chi Nei Tsang/Intuitive Unwinding

Alok Rocheleau
Traditional Thai Massage, Accupressure, Chi Nei Tsang

Aimee Nelson Mcdonald
Cranio-sacral Integration, Access Consciousness

Jak Noble
Chi Nei Tsang

Mo Lohaus
Polarity Therapy, Neo-Reichian Massage

Atava Garcia Swiecicki, MA, RH (AHG) 
Clinical Herbalist

Armando Davlia
Vortex Healing/Cranial Sacral

Linda Stevens
Cranial Unwinding and Polarity Balancing

Andrei Stoica

Rami Kouhana

Alexander Sharone

Hien Tran

Bruno Ferreira

Dynamic Integration – A Fusion of Stillness and Motion
FMI: drbrunobodywork.com

Yogi Ramadin
Reiki, Energy Healing, and  Radiant Living Coaching

Natalie Zeituny
Intuitive Clairvoyant Reading and Healing

Dawn Trygstad

Rachael Bouch-D. CMP, CST

Tonia Hafter
Shiatsu/Tui Na/Chi Nei Tsang/Craniosacral
FMI: www.meltingthedragon.com

Raia Kogan

Aimee Nelson Mcdonald

Tahil Gesyuk

Jenna Page

Yogi Ramadin
Reiki, Energy Healing, and  Radiant Living Coaching

To inquire about offering healing mini-sessions at our upcoming events, please contact: anjulimahendra@gmail.com