Grace Hearth by Jocelyn Jackson and Keri Keifer
Delicious, local dishes and goodies by Grace Hearth.
transforming the abundance of the season

Yes Cacao by Justin Polgar 
“Yes CaCao chocolate is a vehicle for herbs, superfoods, essential oils, medicinal mushrooms, and healing! Several pharmacopoeia across time and space are infused into the highest quality cacao available, bringing you an experience of food as medicine. Make a wish… take a bite, and join us for a cacao ceremony at ShaktiCura.”

Gong-fu Tea Service by Joe McKinnon 
The healing power of tea is both physical and mental, as it aligns energy within and fosters relationship through shared experience~

Joe will be pouring gongfu and use three types of teas providing an experience that is grounding, soaring, or indulgent. Keep your eye out for his Dancong oolongs, Joe’s personal indulgence as of late.

Witch Kitchen Salves by Jaclyn Tobia
Handmade herbal concoctions, salves that heal and nourish.

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