There is a warmth, a depth, a loving, healing, nurturing presence in her hands. Anjuli brings the divine feminine to the table. She is both intuitive and attentive to the varying levels at which we store our physical and emotional trauma. She is present, communicative, gentle and strong. She can focus on deep fascial release or she can guide you through a conscious experience of introspection, release, and growth. In the field of professional bodywork, it is a holistic experience.

Josh Dubin, Kilauea, HI

I met Anjuli on my vacation to Kauai last year and greedily got not one but two massages from her in my 9 days there. One of the very few therapists who understands what my shoulders need, Anjuli really listened to what I wanted and was super flexible with my needs. Being a fellow bodyworker myself, I love really intense work. It can be pretty difficult finding someone who can go as deep as I need it. I am OVERJOYED that she decided to move to Oakland!!! YAYYY!!! My shoulders do a happy dance!

Judy Ko, LMT, Oakland, CA