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Synergy of Contact Yoga

April 21, 2-5 PM at Yogakula Berkeley

Contact Yoga is a blend of partner yoga, contact improvisation,and Thai massage that focuses on building trust, responsiveness, and healing connection. Grounded in traditional yoga postures and principles, Contact Yoga explores that mysterious and dynamic edge where two people connect – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Using the points of contact, Contact Yoga offers an inter-personal application of yogic philosophy that breaks down the barriers of separation while building an awareness and foundation for healthy relating. You will gain skills to align your body in supporting others as well as tools to be more responsive and flexible. This class will include a spectrum of therapeutic to acrobatic flying, suitable for all levels. Contact Yoga opens the doors to playful connection, challenging your edge, and ending with a healing Thai massage sequence. We regularly encourage working with different partners, so bring friends or come meet new ones.

Click here FMI and to register online: http://yogakula.com/synergy-of-contact-yoga-alok-anjuli-sun-apr-21/#more-8449

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