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Finding Balance: Yoga, Balancing, and Flying

December 4, 2011 – 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Divinitree Studio, Santa Cruz

Alok and Anjuli will guide you on a journey of finding balance and playfulness in relation to yourself and others.

Together we will explore the delicate balance between effort and surrender in a creative, safe environment. By working with this balance we learn to find ease in life’s challenges.

Using group support, inversions and flying we move beyond our limitations, building confidence and trust. All levels are welcome and fun is guaranteed!

Alok Rocheleau is excited to assist people in finding balance in their practice as well as life. He emphasizes the connection and unity found through trust, communication and playfulness. The courage to trust brings us to a world beyond boundaries and limitations leading to a greater sense of well being and expanded possibilities.

Anjuli Mahendra, LMT is a bodyworker, yogini, and dancer. Her practice of Embodied Resonance, combining elements of contact improvisation, butoh, and martial arts, focuses on using the body as a vehicle to explore internal awareness. Her aim in healing work and teaching is to support her students to tune into and express their internal experience through movement, sounding, release, and acknowledgement.

Pre-Register on-line or at Divinitree -only $20!

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